December 06, 2016

Gift wrapping at Cargo: With a Bow on Top

Cargo has become almost as well known for our holiday wrapping as our gifts. Our bow tying tradition started about 18 years ago.bows r us View full article →
November 29, 2016

The Kantha Quilting Tradition: versatility and warmth

Cargo kantha bed set quiltSome of the best things come out of necessity and kantha is not an exception. Bengali women began kantha quilting centuries ago to keep their loved ones warm, especially infants....
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October 27, 2016

New in-store arrival: India in October

A new container full of antique and one of a kind furniture, architectural pieces, hardware, and soft goods just arrived in store...
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October 14, 2016

20 years of Cargo & Dia de los Muertos

Cargo is turning 20 this year! We are celebrating with our annual Dia de los Muertos on  October 23rd 4pm to 9pm   

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October 07, 2016

Day of the Dead: Aimee's Tips for Altar Building

A few words of wisdom from Cargo's expert altar builder Aimee Miller...

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September 19, 2016

Cargo Image of the Day: Annual Sale

The Cargo story is so much about our team.  Each employee brings their own creative vision. Our own Calli made the artwork for this year's Annual Sale...Cargo Image of the Day
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September 07, 2016

Mid-Century Modern: Cargo and Eames

 Eames interiorCharles & Ray Eames were the forbearers of contemporary design, revolutionizing architecture and interiors. "It's been said that Charles and Ray introduced the idea of decorating with everything," says their grandson Eames Demetrios. "They had a comfort level with all kinds of artifacts and understood the human need to collect things.” Decorate your Mid-Century Modern the Eames way at Cargo. View full article →
August 30, 2016

Astoria, Oregon through a Cargo Lens

When Cargo’s friend Jimbo contacted us 6 years ago with the idea to start a sister store in Astoria, it didn’t take much convincing. Astoria has everything we love: a rich cultural history, lots of art, and an eclectic mix of the old and new. Cargo apartment View full article →
August 23, 2016

Pre-war Japan glass: a journey to the U.S. by way of India

pre war japan jar collection

When Cargo’s owners found these glass food jars in a dusty corner of a small shop in India, they knew they had stumbled upon a forgotten treasure, pre WWII glass from Japan. They bought the store’s entire collection. Glass is newcomer to Japan, arriving in the 18th century through Portuguese glass blowers....

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August 16, 2016

Indigo: from around the world to Cargo

indigo hands“For almost five millennia, in every culture and every major religion, indigo has been one of the world’s most valued pigments. No color has been prized so highly for so long…”  Catherine McKinley Indigo: in search of the color that seduced the world

Indigo dyes are extracted from the plant Indigo Tinctoria, and India is believed to be the heart of the Indigo tradition. The primary supplier of indigo to Europe during the Greco-Roman era, the word indigo originated from the Greek word indikón (ινδικόν, Indian). Indigo has been highly influential in many other cultures as well...

Cargo’s exclusive line of clothing from India reflects the unique, rich qualities of natural indigo.

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