Cargo Emporium Close-up: Tasi Designs

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At Cargo, we prize the beautiful and the handcrafted, both qualities TASI embodies. TASI’s simple but elegant jewelry featuring gorgeous natural gemstones and rare, antique beads from around the world has been a customer favorite since we first started carrying it 8 years ago. So when the opportunity came to welcome TASI Jewelry into the Cargo emporium as a stand-alone shop, we jumped at it.

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Taya Koschnick launched TASI Jewelry in 2007, but crafting jewelry is in her DNA. Taya’s mother is a jeweler and metalsmith in Oberlin, Ohio. What’s more, Taya’s stepfather is a third-generation bead and textile trader from The Gambia, giving her insider access to one-of-a-kind beads. As a girl, Taya made jewelry and sold it to the other kids at summer camp. By age 12, she was taking her jewelry to crafts fairs. While a student at Reed College, she sold necklaces and earrings at a coffee shop. 

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TASI favorites include sterling and oxidized sterling silver jewelry, 24-karat vermeil, and 14-karat gold settings featuring gemstones, centuries-old beads, and even bits of ancient Roman glass. TASI’s sister jewelry line, Stowaway, has a style that blends delicacy and rawness at affordable prices.

Now that TASI has a shop, Taya has added candles, bath and beauty products, and accessories—after years of attending crafts fairs, she knows where to find the best artisan-made products. She’s also growing her jewelry offerings, and TASI now features a new collection of labradorite necklaces and earrings, plus a line of rings set with conflict-free diamond rings in brilliant salt-and-pepper and gray tones.

We’re fans. The next time you come in, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one of us wearing TASI earrings or a pendant—or both.

Follow Tasi on Instagram at @tasidesigns and check out her website at

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