Cargo Emporium Close Up: Hello! Good Morning!

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“I just wanted to make a place where people feel happy,” says Amy Wulfing of her gift shop Hello! Good Morning!, part of the Cargo Emporium.

Browsing Hello! Good Morning! draws smiles for sure. The shop carries an idiosyncratic mix of toys, books, art, stationery, craft supplies, and a lot more, all assembled with Amy’s unerring eye for the wacky and touching, nostalgic and beautiful. 

After spending a decade working in stop-motion animation, Amy wanted to connect with her own creative inspiration and opened Hello! Good Morning! in 2015. Her aim was to create a sort of laboratory of joy: she would travel and bring home wonderful things to sell; share the work of artists throughout the world; host makers’ workshops with kids; and, above all, foster a “very happy, positive environment for people to enjoy.” Hello! Good Morning! reaches the whimsical, childlike side of people, no matter what their age. 

As a result, Hello! Good Morning!’s inventory runs the gamut, from Japanese cat-print washi tape to knit finger puppets from Peru to vintage Russian cartoon pins to the best hand thrown coffee mug you’ll ever hold in your hands. Amy says she chooses “things I find traveling, a little bit of vintage, graphic art, folk art, and handmade things, and work from both local artists and artists from around the world.” She especially likes objects that encourage creativity, and, as she points out, “every item tells a story.”

It’s not just the items on Hello! Good Morning!’s shelves that have earned Amy a loyal base of repeat customers. Her friendliness and the openness of her staff make the shop especially welcoming. “I like to feel like when a person comes into my shop, they are coming into my own house as if they’re my guest,” she says.

Hello! Good Morning! specializes in objects that spark delight. For us at Cargo, that makes the shop family.

Shop Hello! Good Morning!’s website here.

Follow Hello! Good Morning! on Instagram here.

Want to experience the magic of Hello! Good Morning! first hand? Come to Cargo on 8/3/19 for an art opening or 8/4/19 for a crafting workshop.

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