December 06, 2016


Gift wrapping at Cargo: With a Bow on Top

bows r us

Cargo has become almost as well known for our holiday wrapping as our gifts. Our bow tying tradition started about 18 years ago. Cargo’s owner Patty Merrill says the staff make at least 1,000 bows a year: “We have a very creative staff, so we always mix it up and add new things, so we don’t get bored.” We find our inspiration in the packing materials from our containers (shredded paper) and the little bits and pieces that we find during our trips around the world, such as our party picks and Indian tissue paper.  The supplies come out and holiday gift wrapping preparation starts in October. You know it's the holiday season when you see the Cargo girls tying bows and stapling free Cargo calendars.

Cargo gift wrappingCargo Calendar 2017

We keep the sense of whimsy by placing the gift in a to-go or popcorn box. For those who want wrapping, we have amazing wrapping paper from India in bright Christmas colors and iridescent geometric patterns, the perfect complement to our bows. We also have a large selection of handmade paper and other beautiful motifs.

Best of all, we’ll wrap your present for free! Come in, have a snack (we provide refreshments on the weekends during the holiday season) and join us in the fun!!

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